Super Terrific Proxy!

This project is a Python-based HTTP web proxy server that hooks into MySQL to store a full history of your browsing. Allows you to check out statistics about your browsing habits. Generates a personalized portal page based on your patterns. Has a search mechanism/web-crawler so you can search over pages you've browsed. Supports multiple users. Also provides standard domain filtering to block addresses from being served (ad blocking, for instance).

How to use it: Run the proxy server on some machine you can access within your local network, or out on the net somewhere if you want to use the proxy for all your browsing wherever you may be. Set your browser's proxy settings to point at the address and port where you are running your proxy. Browse to the root page to log in, set your preferences, view your statistics, use your dynamic personal portal, search the pages you've visited, and set your domain-blocking filters to get rid of annoying ad sites. You can share your proxy with your friends, too, since it supports multiple users.

Requirements: Python 2.0+, GDChart for Python, MySQL, MySQLdb module
Download: Not available yet - shortly
Source: Here is the SourceForge project page.

Stay tuned for more.

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